Monday, 13 August 2012

The reason for this blog

This is a work in progress, so please be patient with me as it is time consuming. Cheers!

I  started this blog for my  own personal use in aiding me with Card and Scrapbooking challenges. Also having Candies and Sketches in one place.  All this information, although useful and necessary is cluttering up my card challenge blog which is starting to annoy me, as I like everything neat and tidy and in the right place.  Lol (I think this may have Something to do with my OCD and the need to try and be a perfectionist. )

I actuallly spend more time sorting and reorganising my stash than I do Crafting. Which at times is so frustrating.

I will probably also add information about blog hops, New stamp releases and other articles (tutorials and Links)that I think may be of interest to myself and to any other crafter that  is reading my blogs.

When I have completed the various tasks - like listing all the different card challenges i will share this information with you. (Actually I will share as now and Keep this blog as a work in progress)

If you know of any card challenges that i may have not added please let me know. And if there are any links that don't work, please let me know so that I can bring this blog up to date.

Thank you and Happy crafting

Hugs Julie

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